Deposit, Webmoney

We would like to inform you that from today, depositing the accounts will no longer be done through WebMoney; clients can use other deposit and withdrawal methods to top up their accounts, including Perfect Money and cryptocurrencies.
clients who have previously deposited through WebMoney will also be able to withdraw through it.


04-21-2022 Tina Saeedi

The Market's Time Change

Dear client,
we would like to inform you that due to the change of the world clock with the beginning of spring, the market’s working hours have also changed.


03-18-2022 Tina Saeedi

Magic cooperation

We are proud to announce that for the first time, Unicorn Forex Broker, in a professional partnership with ZELDAR, one of the great pioneers of Technologies services, and Huobi, a powerful exchange in Blockchain and cryptocurrency trading, has introduced an exceptional cryptocurrency account. Unfxb Crypto Spot and Unfxb Crypto Marginal designed on the popular MetaTrader5 platform.

From now on , the most reliable , easiest and fastest way to trade more than 300 cryptocurrency symbols are available in spot and marginal methods for cryptocurrencies traders.

The result of this cooperation is Hybrid designed so that traders from all over the world can enjoy the ability to trade in a centralized ecosystem with the benefits of a decentralized market.

In this method, there is no limitation on ordering or any volume, and at the same time, due to access to up to 30 levels to the depth of market, clients practically does not wait in the buying and selling queue and positions can be done immediately and at the best price.

In addition, this is the best spot trading account that allows you to clarify the take profit and stop loss at the same time.

Unicorn Forex Broker, winner of the International Award Of the best Cryptocurrency liquidity provider, has expanded its partnership with Zeldar and Huobi to the satisfaction of its clients and intends to provide trading more cryptocurrencies on its platform. To offer the best price and the lowest commission to its white label customers and clients.


02-23-2022 Tina Saeedi

The pleasure of trading Cryptocurrency Spot with UNFXB

Unicorn Forex Broker is honored to be the first broker in the world to provide a dedicated cryptocurrency Spot trading account on the popular MetaTrader 5 platform and make it available to clients to trade. From now on, the most reliable, easiest and fastest way to trade more than 300 cryptocurrency symbols by Spot method is available for the cryptocurrencies’ traders.

Spot Unfxb Crypto account is a Hybrid designed for clients from all over the world to use the central ecosystem as well as benefit the decentral markets. In fact, clients can enter cryptocurrency networks only with easy and secure authentication in Unicorn Forex Broker, eliminate complicated exchange’s platforms with high fees and trade in global networks easily.

By setting up this account on the popular MetaTrader platform, it is possible for investors to have a complete management view on their investments and trades, and also, the best psychedelic conditions for using services.

Some important features of this innovative and creative account are :

1-Ability to set the TP and SL, Dynamic, graphically and numerically.

2-Ability to set the Buy limit and Buy stop orders, graphically and numerically.

3- Execution of orders at the best price with access to 30 levels from the depth of market.

4-show the exact amount of profit and loss and the complete history of orders.

5-No need experience of working with a variety of wallets.

6-Easy access with PC, Windows / MAC, Android/IOS and Web Trader.

On the other hand, Unicorn Forex Broker has been provided to deposit and withdraw directly, without commission or errors, so that clients do not have to worry about losing their capital in the Blockchain network.

Other features of this dedicated account :

-without swap , funding rate or trading commission

-low trading fee

-providing demo account exactly the same as real account

Eventually, we are proud to announce that Unicorn Forex Broker, as the exclusive reference for providing liquidity (Liquidity), is ready to cooperate and participate at higher levels, provide white labels, etc. to the activists in this field.

UNFXB support team is ready to respond to you 7/24.


02,17,2022 Tina Saeedi

Possible increase in market fluctuations in the near future

Dear client, in the face of the latest escalation in Russia-Ukraine potential conflict we want to warn you about possible increased market volatility in the near future.

As a consequence of the Russian intrusion risks liquidity is getting thinner on many trading instruments.

We encourage you to be cautious when trading nowadays until geopolitical transparency is accomplished. The geopolitical risks can affect almost any asset and in the event of increased volatility spreads tend to be wider and order books to be thinner. Due to the high risk of trading, the symbols related to the Russian Ruble will be non-tradable until further notice. We would like to point out our recommendation to expect high volatility and keep your margin accounts well collateralized.

In case of any questions please contact us via the email

Best regards, UNFXB Technical Support Team


02,15,2022 Yalda

Holidays last week of the year

Dear clients,

the Forex market and some of its symbols will be closed or open in different working hours in the last week of the year, which are listed in this table.

But Unicorn Broker 24/7 support team will be ready to respond or solve your possible problems, during this week as well as all the time.

Have a good time


12,24,2021 Yalda

Dear clients

We would like to inform you that the disturbance in the trading charts has been fixed and we ask you, dear ones, if you had an open position in the standard and ECN accounts and you lost during the disturbance in the trading symbols,email the position and Order number for compensation to the email address

The UNFXB broker is obliged to pay 10% more than the compensation of the users in addition to reimbursing the damage.

Thank you for your support

Sincerely, UNFXB


12,03,2021 Yalda

Dear valued Client

Because of new updates recieved from MetaTrader and conflict between MetaTrader company with liquidity providers , the charts that connected to Europe liquidity providers face issue , this issue has result on Standard and ECN charts and the charts was disconnected.

We notify all valued customers who facing the problem in their trades and lose because of this issue , Our technical team will check their transactions and will solve the problem and 10% of their lose will refund .

We apologies for this problem and thank you for your patience.Immediately after solving the problem you will be notify from Broker channels


UNFXB technical team



12,03,2021 Yalda

نتایج قرعه کشی

از دوستان عزیزی که با پر کردن پرسشنامه ما را یاری کردند قدردانی میکنیم و به اطلاع عزیزانی که در قرعه کشی برنده شدند می رسانیم که جهت دریافت بونوس یک اکانت ECN PRO باز کرده و شماره اکانت معاملاتی خود را به تیم پشتیبانی یا آدرس ایمیل unfxmoney@unfxco.con ارسال کنید تا بونوس به اکانت شما واریز شود .

نام خانوادگی نام
mohammadnia Mohammadtaghi
Akbary Farhad
talatishakour hossein
Hassas Fereidoun
sharifi samira
jafarabadi abas
zandipoor mahdi
Nezami Fayazuddin
Dolatiasl Kourosh
Unusi Wakeel
faghihi mohammadreza
ardestani ali
kermani samane
Ranjbar Hamed
Jafari Jabali Maryam
Barzanouny Mohammadreza
Assadifard Mohammad hosien
Torabi Esmaeil
ahmad khalil
nebi zada Rohullah

12.01.2021 Yalda

Dear valuable client

Hereby, we inform you that recent economic events in Turkey caused TRY to experience turmoil. All TRY related FX pairs are expected to be volatile in the near future and periods of poor liquidity may occur.

Please be aware of risks related to trading TRY pairs at the moment.

Thank you for your understanding.All charts have the ability to close transactions

in Turkish lira.Our team recognizes that this currency is back to normal and safe for customers.

The ability to re-trade will be added.

In case of any questions please contact us via web chat or via the email

Best regards, UNFXB Technical Support Team


11,24,2021 Yalda

UNFXB Survey Questionnaire

A survey questionnaire has been emailed to UNFXB clients in order to evaluate our services and the level of clients’ satisfaction. According to the valuable comments of clients,

we are able to provide a step towards planning and upgrading broker services to gain the satisfaction of clients as much as possible in the path of their support and cooperation.

Dear clients, all you have to do is click on the questionnaire in your email to accompany the broker to achieve its goal by answering 4 questions.

a bonus will be given to 20 clients who fill in this questionnaire randomly to appreciate.

The questionnaire link is active until 11/26/2021 and clients will be able to fill it in until the mentioned date and the results will be announced on 11/30/2021 on the website.

Terms and conditions of withdrawal of the bonus profit

To receive the $50 bonus, clients must complete account information and verification steps.

To receive the $50 bonus, clients must have opened an ECN_PRO trading account and the bonus will be transferred to this account.

the maximum trading leverage of $50 bonus is 1: 100.

Clients will be able to withdraw only the profit earned from trading the $50 free bonus, the bonus itself cannot be withdrawn and the account will be zero with the first withdrawal.

The maximum and minimum of bonus profit’ withdrawal: The minimum profit withdrawal amount is $10 and the maximum profit withdrawal amount is $100.

Conditions of completing the trading lot: To withdraw every $1 of profit, clients must have traded 0.5 lot. To be more clarified, clients must have traded 5 lots to withdraw $10 profit, and the minimum time for each position is 2 minutes.

The period of using this bonus is 2 weeks and it will be removed from the account automatically after the deadline.


11,22,2021 Yalda

For the first time in the world !!!

For the first time in the world for those who are professional in trading cryptocurrency !!!

Exclusive UNFXB-CRYPRO account has been updated with more features and unique conditions!

Reduce commission

Increase leverage

Increase trading symbols


10,25,2021 Yalda

The best trading account for all trading strategies!

We are honored to have unveiled the ECN-PRO Trading Account and provided it to trade.

An account with unique features suitable for different trading strategies,

0 Spread

up to 1: 400 leverage

Full access to all Forex symbols metals, commodities, indices and stocks

Access to more than 200 cryptocurrencies with leverage 10,...


10,25,2021 Yalda

For the first time in the world !!!

We are honored to inform traders that UNFXB Forex Broker provided the most complete trading account for the first time in the world has for the first time in the world to take advantage of all profitable trading opportunities!

Added more than 200 cryptocurrency trading symbols with leverage 10 to Standard , ECN . ECN Pro and UNFXB Pro accounts; All Forex trading instruments, indices, stocks, metals and commodities, plus the most complete list of cryptocurrencies in one account


10,25,2021 Yalda

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